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Welcome, to the Courts of Rijan.

The land of Rijan is a nation in turmoil, losses in a major conflict with their ancient nemeses the Kulvinese have broken the power of Rijani elite. The Crown Prince, beloved of his own clan as well as the common people of the country, was struck dead in the crushing final days of the war, leaving only his near infant younger brother as heir. The young king Hasan has grown up under the guidance and regency of his uncle, when the time came for him to assume power though he shirked his responsibility. Instead the young king marauds through the countryside as an adventurer accompanied by his two closest companions and bodyguards.

Meanwhile the courts of the capital Vedra are aflame with conspiracy, the high priesthood of the Water Clan, led by Mae-Lac-Sang seek to lead a crusade of their displaced people. To this end High Priest Sang has challenged the unstable leadership of the ruling Fire Clan. The Air Clan themselves, under the leadership of a popular and wealthy wizard named Temulk they are also vying for control of the state based on the competent leadership of their champion.

The North has been lost to the Kulvinese, the only allies of Rijan are the Nashteen across the eastern mountains, locked in a brutal war with Yeth. Many fear the inevitable second invasion of the Kulvinese and many fear the further destabilization of their country. Step foot into this world of intrigue, war, and culture and help shape the destiny of a nation.

In the Court of Rijan